8 Learning activities for toddler 3 year olds

Learning Activities for Toddlers 

Activities for toddlers
 Learning activities for toddler

Toddler of the three years is at the beginning of the stage at which the attempt to independence begins. At this age, Toddler can walk, stand, run and jump easily, and in the following we offer you educational and learning activities for toddlers 3 years to develop the intelligence and skills of the toddler.

Toddler development in 3 years

Not only does a toddler develop physically at this age, but his social skills and interactions with others also develop, his learning ability increases and he is able to communicate with others as well.
In this age the toddler has developed a great physical development and is able to:

  • Up the stairs up and down.
  • Kick and pick up the ball.
  • Ride a tricycle.
  • Stand on one foot for up to five seconds.
  • Walk forward and back easily.
  • Bending without falling.

Learning activities for toddlers 3 years

In this relatively young age, the child can learn and gain skills through games, and in the following we offer you some of the games and activities that develop the child's skills, including:

1.       Play more complex games with buttons, arms and moving parts.
2.       You could develop the imagination skills of your toddler by providing to him games like doctor tools or other tools of different professions for Toddlers, because at this age he has a wide imagination, and he could compose anecdotes and tales.
3.       One of the best games for toddler's development is the puzzles of 3 or 4 pieces dedicated to this age.
4.       A 3-year-old toddler can count simple numbers up to about 5, so you can do different counting activities.
5.       In this age a toddler can draw a circle by pencil or crayon.
6.       You can present a book with attractive and striking images for the toddler at this age because he can flip the pages of the book now.
7.       Toddler can build towers using more than 6 blocks using Lego cubes.
8.       You can use this toddler's ability to classify objects by shape and color in many games that activate memory such as color balls.


The rate of growth varies from toddler to toddler, so do not worry if you notice a little delay in your toddler compared to other kids of the same age, but there are some warning signs of delayed growth that if you notice you should consult your doctor.

Signs of delayed growth in children aged 3 to 4 include:

  • Inability to throw a ball, jump in place or ride a tricycle.
  • Frequent falls and difficulty in climbing stairs.
  • The inability to carry a pen or draw a circle.
  • Stammering and speechlessness, the inability to use the sentence with more than three words, and continual drooling.
  • Toddler lacks interest in interactive games, does not participate in fantasy or group games, and does not play with other toddlers.
  • Toddler does not understand simple commands when ask him to do simple things.

All these signs can indicate a developmental disorder. If your toddler is suffering from developmental delays, there are many treatments available to help your toddler but first ask your doctor.

In the end, after learning some educational activities for toddlers 3 years, if you have more questions, inquiries or suggestions, you could contact us.

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