Parenting Advice for Toddlers

Parenting Advice for Toddlers

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Parenting Advice for Toddlers

Raising a toddler takes parenting to a whole new level. Toddlers can move around on their own, talk back, take a stand, refuse to agree, and totally do their own thing. But before you throw in the towel on the terrible twos, these experts and real-life parents dish the hacks to get you through!

Create a feeding time activity bag

  If you're wrangling more than one little one, things can get tricky. Keep your toddler occupied while you're feeding your toddler with a feeding-time activity bag.
Krystal Rogers Nelson parenting and child safety expert for secure life, and mom of a three-year-old, says, “The bag could include things like: sticker books, coloring books, fun puzzles, modeling clay or finger puppets.”
“The key is that your toddler can only play with it during baby's feeding time. This helps your toddler feel special instead of jealous and gives you a chance to focus on your baby.“

Yes or no

  Instead of asking toddlers multiple choice questions, stick with questions that can be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Mark Aselstine, dad of a 6 year old and 2 year old, says “our little man isn't the biggest talker, but like every toddler he knows ‘yep’ and ‘no’! Asking
yes/no questions seems to help a lot since it gets to what he's trying to accomplish.” 

Two choices

  Try giving your toddler just two choices when presenting options to them.
Mom of two, Jodi seharris, says, “Give them two choices; do you want to take a nap now or in five minutes? do you want to wear the red coat or the blue coat?” This way you're simplifying the decision-making process so that they can develop problem-solving skills without feeling overwhelmed.

Clever parenting hacks for toddlers
Clever parenting hacks for toddlers

Band-aids for safety

  You’ve baby-proofed your own house, but what happens when you're traveling? if you've brought along a box of bandages, you don't have to worry. according to a parent hacks reader, using bandages to cover electrical outlets works roughly the same way as the plastic outlet covers. Just make sure you keep an eye on how well they're sticking, and don't forget to remove them when you leave. 

Healthy alternatives

  Swapping some of your toddler's favorite snack foods for healthier alternatives can truly feel like a win for everyone. Jessica Zelfand Munroe, mom of two toddlers, and founder of Supplet pregnancy boxes, has a strategy. she says “For Parmesan Cheese swap Bragg Nutritional Yeast, seaweed makes a healthy swap for salty snacks, soup Keeney noodles for spaghetti pumpkin and zucchini muffins for chocolate muffins, Lara Bars for granola bars, and sweet potato fries for french fries.”

Safe sleeping

  You can use things you already have lying around the house to make your child's transition from crib to bed much easier. According to a parent hacks reader, rolling up a towel or blanket and sticking it underneath the fitted sheet of your child's bed, keeps them from rolling out of it. And it even works while you're traveling. Nap time done.

 Picky eater chefs

  Cooking with kids can be especially helpful if your little one is a picky eater. Mom of two, Jennifer Usher, says, “My daughter has become a pickier eater as she's grown older. To help combat this, she helps make some of her meals. I put all of the ingredients in measuring cups and then she adds them to the mixing bowl. She cracks the eggs for breakfast, mixes her own pasta sauce, it keeps her engaged and more excited to eat what she is prepared.” 

Cleaner craft time

  As if you needed one more reason to hit up your local Starbucks, according to blogger Michelle Sybert of Be Brave, keep going, empty iced coffee drink cups can double as neat paint receptacles for crafts time. Simply pour some paint in the bottom of the cup, fasten the lid, and stick a paintbrush where the straw would normally go. Craft on!

Use toothpaste to clean

  It's almost inevitable that your toddler will discover permanent markers. But worry not. There's an easy way to get that rogue art cleaned up. According to blogger Anna Luther of My Life and Kids, all you need is some toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste on the stain and then scrub it away with a brush, or damp cloth. It might take a little time an elbow grease, but your floors (or your furniture) will be saved.

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