Healthy snacks ideas for kids at school

Healthy snacks ideas for kids at school

New ideas for healthy snacks for kids at school

Is an important issue for all mothers who are looking for healthy and nutritious choices meals for their kids when the school season begins!

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Healthy snacks ideas for kids at school

Those healthy snacks are the most important in the lives of our kids during their hours of study, as they provide the following health benefits:

  • ·        Improve the kid's ability to endure during the day.
  • ·        Increased scholastic absorption and ability to complete school assignments.
  • ·        Define blood glucose deficiency.
  • ·        Minimize the feeling of tiredness and tension.
  • ·        Help kids to focus more.

Therefore, kid's meals should contain all the nutrients and healthy elements that ensure a good and successful school day.

Check out this easy and healthy snack list and ideas for your kid at school:
Tip For You : You can try to pair up two items from different categories to keep things balanced and delicious.

Ideas for kid's meals at school:

Be sure to include the school's box lunch all essential nutrients including carbohydrates, fiber, protein and a small amount of fat.

And it’s always preferred to meet the wishes of kids in the food they like to eat and prepare it for them in a healthy manner, and try to focus in food varieties and diversification and provide ideas from time to time so that your kid will not get bored.

For vegetables and fruits, which are the most important elements that kids need during the school day, they are preferred to be small in size and easy to eat like grapes, the cantaloupe cut into small cubes. For vegetables, small carrots or broccoli cut into thin slices.

As for the main food, which contains starches in particular, you can put a few noodles boiled with tomato sauce or small pieces of pizza. As for sweets, the best choices are cupcakes or muffins or brownies and preferably prepared at home.

For sandwiches, it is recommended to replace white bread with whole or whole grain bread, because it contains a higher percentage of fiber. You can prepare multiple types of sandwiches, such as cheese sandwiches, cheese or jam with peanut butter, chocolate butter or halva.

In addition to meat choices of chicken breast cut in slice piece and mortadella, you can also prepare the hamburgers at home in small size and put it in your kid’s lunch box with Little grilled potatoes and salad.

And try to innovate in preparing sandwiches for your kid and prepare them in different forms, especially the forms of animals that your kid love and you can cut and decorate them in an appropriate way to be attractive to your child.

About salad, try to avoid preparing the classic salad and replace it with pasta or potato salad, and do not forget the salad of fruits which perfect and healthy sweetening for children.

Finally, put the fresh and natural juices in small bottles that are easy to open by kids, and you can put yogurt or milk that your toddler likes.

And try to avoid as possible the ready foods which are a high percentage of fat and sugars and others kind of candies. 

Remember to provide a simple breakfast for your kid before going to school, in case he could not eat during the day or did not want to.

Tips and Notes:


1.     Try to make lunch a mix of yummy and healthy foods and that are familiar too.
2.     Try not to send some food that your kid has never had before.
3.     I prefer that I may not be able to send nuts.
4.     Ask for feedback on how your child ate so you know what they like (and what they do not …).
5.     Add water and milk as needed and as preferred to these meal ideas.
6.     Pack easy-to-eat foods if lunch periods are short.
7.     Don’t worry too much if their appetite varies from one day to the next. This is totally normal.
8.     Always cut and serve specific foods in sizes that your toddler can handle.

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