Vegetable recipes for toddlers

Veggie recipes for toddlers

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Vegetables recipes for kids

Vegetarian recipes for toddlers

   It is not always easy to get children to eat vegetables, it is often necessary to show imagination, creativity and find tons of tricks. If you are wondering what vegetarian recipes your kids will actually want to eat, here are some great ideas and solutions to get kids to love vegan recipes! learn how to make more friendly vegetable food for your family.

   The excuses not to eat vegetables? No luck for him: it was not counting on your stubbornness and your creativity! Especially since vegetables contain nutrients, protein, and vitamins essential for their growth (vitamins C for spinach and peppers, vitamins B for broccoli and peas or vitamins A for carrots and salad).

   So, to avoid confrontation and especially, awaken their taste buds, make sure to try the new way for original snacks recipes and side dishes, beautifully presented that will put their mouth-watering. Quickly discover our selection of veggie recipes to make children love vegetables!

  How do you make vegetables fun for toddlers?

It is not comfortable for toddlers to eat vegetables and fruits. However, veggies are necessary for a healthy and balanced diet. Parents know it very well; it is particularly difficult to reconcile toddlers with vegetables, so you need to think variety!

   There are several tips for toddlers to eat vegetables, such as:

        Cooking or shopping with him to make him aware of different foods.
        Mix veggies and rice into favorite meals
        But for this to work, we must also look at what is happening on the stove!
   The secret to getting your little kids to eat vegetables is creativity! Do not expect your kids to enjoy steamed vegetables or stew and leave meat and pasta on the first day. We must listen to their tastes to concoct dishes that will soon become their favorite dishes!

   Why not turn the recipes he loves to make him eat more vegetables for dinner? ToddlerSnack offers the recipe for beet fries, pizza with vegetables or lasagna with vegetables. The kids will love it!

   If your little picky eaters make your life hard and sniff as soon as you serve them delicious plates of green beans and other stuffed zucchini, you must use some subterfuges so that the meal becomes a gourmet game. And to meet this daunting challenge, you have to be patient, but also the following in his ideas.

   It is precisely for these reasons that we propose to test these amazing vegetable recipes for toddlers, very easy to make and frankly appetizing ... your baby will not be able to resist it and the lunch break will become a convivial moment, made of sharing and laughter.

Are you ready to refine your children's palates? Let's go for a non-exhaustive list full of colors, made of salads, mini-burgers and vegetable pancakes!

What are the best vegetables for toddlers to eat?

   The best vegetables for toddlers include:
        Sweet potatoes,
        Brussels sprouts as finger food and cucumbers.

How do I prepare my 1-year-old for vegetables?

By making simple cooked or steamed veggies as they are so easy and safe for a toddler to munch on. If your kids are older, an array of cold veggies can be an easy treat to grab and go.

How can I get my toddler to eat vegetables?

In your kitchen try this four sneaky ways to get your toddler eating vegetables:

1.      Sneak veggies in purees. A pureed healthy vegetable can slide easily under a toddler’s taste radar if you add them into mainstay meals.

2.      Make a veggie-juice cocktail. Add carrot juice to apple juice and serve it as is, or blend the mixture with ice to make a shake and adding yogurt to turn it into a whole veggie-fruit smoothie.  (perfect for your child breakfast)

3.      Switch it up. Substitute hamburgers for veggie burgers made in part with diced veggies, Instead of noodles, serve up spaghetti squash and then smother with sauce.

4.      Bury veggies in baked goods. It may seem like a mismatch, but you can slip a bushel of veggies into sweets.

How do you make vegetables taste better for toddlers?

Here are some hidden vegetable recipes for toddlers:

Salted waffles with vegetables for kids

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Salted waffles for kids

   Waffle tasting is a particularly pleasant activity for both children and adults. This timeless snack, very popular in carnivals, will give a festive dimension to your dish. To create the perfect illusion, make salted waffles by adding vegetables to your dough. Too good

Ingredients: (4 people)

250 g Flour
0.5 sachets Yeast
75 g Butter
3 eggs
40 cl. Milk
0.5 teaspoon salt
1 small potato
1 Carrot
0.5 Zucchini
Calories = High

Preparation steps:

1.      Beat the eggs in a salad bowl with the salt.

2.      Pour in the melted butter and continue whisking.

3.      Add flour and yeast, mix, then dilute with milk while whisking. Cover the salad bowl with a cloth and let it rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

4.      Meanwhile, grated peel and grated vegetables with a vegetable grater. Then mix them with the dough.

5.      Place a small ladle of dough in a preheated waffle iron. Close the waffle iron and cook for about 5 minutes, depending on the color desired.

6.      Let the waffles rest on a rack for a few moments.

 Kid-friendly light veggie pizza

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Kid-friendly vegetable pizza

As everyone knows, pizza is life! And since the pizza seems to be unanimous with everyone, nothing like a pizza with vegetables so that your children can finally be reconciled with zucchini, eggplant, and mushrooms.

We offer you an easy and quick recipe for light pizza made with vegetables, tomato sauce, and no fat. Perfect to hold the line, we can now have fun with a crisp pizza. Enjoy it as well!


1 pizza dough
1 small zucchini
2 tomatoes
3 mushrooms
1 small eggplant
2 big onions
3 c. tomato paste
30 g light grated gruyere (or mozzarella)
Some herbs from Provence
Salt, pepper



Preheat your oven th.6 (180 ° C).

Wash the vegetables and dry them.

On a cutting board, take the onions and tomatoes and cut them into slices.

Then cut the eggplant and zucchini into thin slices using thrift.

Slice the mushrooms.

Fry the pan a few minutes with 2 c.

Season with salt and pepper and add the herbs and oregano.


Unroll the pizza dough and spread on a pie plate covered with parchment paper.

Prick it with a fork.

Brush this paste with tomato paste or tomato sauce and add the vegetables.
Finally, add the grated cheese.


Bake and cook for 20 min 180 ° (th.6) while watching the cooking.

Serve with a salad.

Veggie Nuggets for Toddlers (perfect for little hands)

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Healthy Veggie Nuggets for Kids & Toddlers

 Make your kid happy at your next family meal with this easy veggie nugget friendly recipe, which has a similar texture to chicken nuggets full of vegetables, with some hidden veggies and whole grains, quick and easy vegetarian snacks for toddlers.

Meatballs for toddlers with vegetables and tomato sauce

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MeatBalls and vegetable recipe for Toddlers

Even the most capricious of children cannot lift their noses on these friendly meatballs with joyful and gourmet hidden vegetables!

These super healthy vegetable recipes will certainly, tempt toddlers to eat better and have fun with their favourite veggie meals.

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