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Potty training time 2021

    Potty timle watch

   A potty training timer helps parents solve one of the biggest problems of the potty training struggle by reminding their toddlers to try to go to the bathroom. With the Potty Watch strapped to their wrist, potty training can be a fun and creative experience because toddlers will be reminded by fun music and blinking lights to head to the bathroom.

   Parents choose the time between bathroom visits, extending it as kids get better at figuring out that it's potty time.

Potty Training Tips:

  Children want to please their parents, so avoid the force because it will always be met with resistance.

To really help your child learn and get potty trained follow these tips:

first set a goal to bond closer with the child as you train

 1- Be Positive

Let the child know the goal as you introduce the watch.

 2- Be Patient

There will be setbacks, deal with them positively.

 3- Be Happy

Remember, the child really wants to succeed.

 4- Be Smart

This is a creative project; so make it FUN!

  With the Potty Training Watch, potty training can be fun. It reminds children to go to the potty every 30m,60m,90m, 2 H, 3H. There are flashing lights and music on the watch which reminds the children to go use the toilet. Then the timer loops back again. It's that easy. This method has been used in daycare centers for years.


Now you could choose the best and original potty time training watch for your toddler from the master list:

Potty Training watch waterproof:



Potty Training Timer Watch With Flashing Lights And Music Tones - 
Water Resistant, Rechargeable, Dinosaur Pattern Colorful Band, Discreet, Smart Sensor, Potty Training Watch

where to buy potty watch


  •  ATHENA FUTURES POTTY TRAINING WATCH IS YOUR FRIEND - The idea is to have the watch remind your children to go to the toilet or use the potty and not you the parent. Make it fun for your little one.

  •  LOOPING TIMER  - Your potty training watch has an easy to setup programmable loop in timer for 30 minutes , 60m, 90m, 2H and 3H to remind your little ones when they need to go potty. Turn off the timer at night or whenever you want.

  • LIGHTS MUSIC ACTION  -There are flashing lights and music to distract the children from what they are doing to remind them to go to the toilet. Make the Go fun for them and easy for you!

  • RE-CHARGEABLE AND WATER RESISTANT  - Your watch comes with a rechargeable battery with a stand by time of 3 days! No additional batteries! And did you know your watch is designed to withstand whatever your little ones throw at it and also resists splashes of water? Especially water from washing hands!

  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK WARRANTY - Buy Worry Free - Please contact Athena Futures Inc for any questions or concerns with your Amazon Order ID. Make Potty Traning FUN AND EXCITING. Please review our video instructions to make it easy for you to use the watch.

Potty watch instructions:

How to Replace your Potty Watch Batteries:

1. Use a paperclip to depress the spring bars and remove the watch band from the watch case.

2. Use a small jeweler's Phillips head screwdriver to remove the three screws on the back of the watch case.

3. Remove the circuit board from the watch case.

4. Replace batteries with two AG-13 alkaline button cell batteries (or equivalent) with the positive (flat) side up as shown in the diagram.

5. Place the circuit board with new batteries inside the watch case, secure the watch case using the three screws, and replace the watchband.

  • The TIMER button has child tamper and water resistant cover. You may need to press with your fingernail to feel the click of the mechanical button under it.

How to Set your Potty Watch

  1. Hold down the SET button while firming pressing the TIMER button.
  2. Release both buttons when PLAY appears.
  3. Play will flash for 5 seconds. While flashing, press only the TIMER button again to select the mode: PLAY | 30 | 60 | 90 | OFF

 When the flashing stops, your mode is set. To change modes, repeat steps 1 - 3.


  I hope these reviews about the best potty training watches for toddlers will help you choose a portable device that will remind your child or older kid to go to the toilet. Say goodbye to accidents and hello to the underpants! And know that there is light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel!  

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